The Tucano is for sure the most sold and flown ultralight aircraft in Italy. Strong and reliable, it is suitable for beginners as much as for expert pilots, being also the most used ultralight in flight schools. For  more informations e-mail us to flylab@flylab.it

Technical characteristics


Wing span: 10.17 mt.
Wing surface: 16.99 sq mt
Total length: 6.30 mt.
Height: 2.25 mt.
Empty weight : 220 Kg.
Maximum take-off weight: 450 Kg.
Payload: 230 Kg.


VNE: 150 Km/h
Cruise speed to 4,900 RPM: 100 Km/h
Maximum speed: 140 Km/h
Va (max maneuvering speed): 110 Km/h
Rate of climb at sea level: 4.5 mt/s
Stall speed: 52 Km/h
Take-off run: 70 mt
Landing run: 70 mt
Efficiency: 1:9

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